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Fragile packing services

Fragile packing services

When you move, one of the biggest issues is the safety of your belongings. If you are storing or transporting fragile items such as china, crystal, mirrors and others, it can be even more challenging. Improperly packed items can cause them to become damaged or destroyed, leading to additional costs to repair or replace them.

Packing and moving services in London

We provide the packing materials that meet the high requirements for the safety of your possessions. They can be boxes of different sizes, stretch film, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, corner protectors and more. Each material is chosen based on its protective properties and the characteristics of fragile items.
We also provide quality packing service london. Our expert packers know how to properly pack fragile items so that they are protected from shocks and vibrations during transit. We use special packing techniques and methods to minimise the risk of damage to your items.

Secured packing solutions

Finally, we ensure that your packing of fragile items will be transported safely. Our moving specialists have years of experience with fragile and precious items, and they know how to handle them during transit. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that your belongings is safe, even in the most difficult moving conditions.
Mario Moving specialises in secured packing and transporting fragile items of all sizes and shapes. We understand that such items require special attention and care, and we are ready to provide expert packing and moving services london to ensure their safety and integrity in transit.
Our team of expert packers carefully inspect each item before packing to determine the most appropriate materials and packing methods. We also have specialised skills and experience in packing fragile, irregularly shaped items such as crystal chandeliers and even art objects.

We guarantee that our packing services london for fragile items will help reduce the risk of damage in transit. We can also provide additional services to insure your items in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

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Additional services

In addition to our packing services, we also provide a moving service for fragile items anywhere in UK. Our company is experienced in international moving and is ready to ensure smooth and safe delivery of your fragile items in UK
Contact Mario Moving for reliable and professional packing and moving of your fragile items. We guarantee that your items will be safe in transit and will arrive safely and securely anywhere in UK.

In seconds, we can provide you with a quote! Check out our services and dive into more detailed information.


  1. Distribute Weight Evenly: Ensure fragile items are evenly distributed in boxes to avoid overloading and damage during the move.

  2. Use Cushions and Fillers: Fill empty spaces in boxes with cushions, newspapers, or other fillers to prevent items from shifting inside the packaging.

  3. Choose Quality Packing Materials: Utilize sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, and soft material for wrapping to provide additional protection for fragile items.

  4. Label Boxes: Clearly label boxes containing fragile contents with bright stickers and “Handle with Care” instructions to alert carriers.

  1. For accurate information on the cost of our fragile packing services, please contact our customer service department by phone or submit a request through our website. We will provide you with an individual consultation and estimate based on the volume and nature of the packing.

  1. Create an Inventory: Make a list of fragile items that need to be packed to ensure nothing is overlooked during preparation.

  2. Prepare Packing Materials: Procure all necessary materials in advance, including boxes of various sizes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and soft materials.

  3. Follow Packing Guidelines: Pack each item separately, using appropriate materials and methods, following recommended packing guidelines.

  4. Apply Labeling: Mark boxes with fragile contents with clear labels to facilitate unpacking and unloading.

  1. Use Specialized Boxes: Place glass items in boxes with compartments or cells to prevent collisions and friction.

  2. Wrap Each Item: Wrap each fragile item in bubble wrap or soft material for additional protection.

  3. Secure the Packaging: Fill voids in boxes using fillers to prevent glass items from moving inside.

  4. Mark as Fragile: Clearly label boxes with “Fragile” and “Handle with Care” instructions for carriers to pay special attention to these shipments.

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Miranda Snyder

Mario Moving provided us with excellent moving services. The staff was professional, courteous, and attentive to our needs. They quickly and carefully packed all our belongings, transported them to our new home, and even assisted with unpacking. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of service and highly recommend Mario Moving to anyone in London or beyond who's looking for a reliable moving company.

Harold Harrison

Partnering with Mario Moving was a lifesaver for our relocation. They provided us with an excellent team of movers who worked like clockwork, packing and transporting our belongings without any damage. Moreover, their prices were quite reasonable, and we didn't have to worry about hidden additional costs. Thank you, Mario Moving, for the outstanding service! We highly recommend them to anyone in London or elsewhere in need of a smooth move.

Debra Reyes

My husband and I just finished our move with the help of Mario Moving, and we couldn't be happier. They made the entire process so smooth and worry-free; it was simply incredible. The company's staff displayed the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. We recommend Mario Moving to all our friends and family in London and will definitely turn to them again for our next move.

Kyle Romero

I recently hired Mario Moving for a commercial move in London, and I couldn't be happier with their services. In short, they are exceptional commercial movers. Mario Moving's team was professional and punctual, arriving on time and well-prepared for the job. They handled our office equipment and furniture with care, ensuring that nothing was damaged during the move. Their attention to detail was impressive, and it gave me great peace of mind throughout the entire process.