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International packing services

International packing services

When moving or sending goods abroad, it is necessary to ensure quality packing of goods to avoid damage during transportation. Reliable packing is a professional job that is done by international packing specialists. If you are looking for quality packing services when moving abroad, Mario Moving is ready to offer its professional services.
We provide a wide range of international packing services. Our company has extensive experience and is always ready to offer an individual approach to each client. We understand that international moving or relocation can be very stressful and expensive; therefore we strive to provide our clients with high quality and reliable packing of their goods.


We use only high quality packing materials which guarantee reliable protection of your belongings during transportation. We offer a wide selection of packing materials such as cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, stretch film, rubber bands, and other materials. Every material we use meets international quality and safety standards.
Packing solutions
We provide individual packing solutions for each customer taking into account peculiarities of each type of items/load. Our team of professionals will draw up an optimum packing plan to protect your goods to the greatest extent possible and to minimise the risk of damage during transit. We can also offer advice on choosing the best type of transportation and carrier.

We realise that transporting personal belongings and possessions across borders can be a tedious and complicated task. International relocation requires a special care and approach to packing belongings and possessions. Our professional packers have the knowledge and experience to provide our customers with quality international packing services.

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Expert packers

We offer a wide range of international packing supplies, including packing , labelling, loading and relocation or transporting of items and possessions. We use only the best packing materials such as quality cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, stretch wrap and kraft/wrapping paper to ensure your belongings are securely protected while being transported across borders.
Our packing experts know how to properly pack your belongings and possessions to protect them from moisture, dust, impact and other external factors that can damage your belongings during international transportation. They can also provide maximum packing density to reduce the volume of your load and lower your moving costs.
We also offer international moving services for our customers, including arranging for the shipment to reach its destination, the necessary paperwork and customs procedures. Our team has extensive experience working with the customs services of different countries, which ensures the smooth delivery of your goods anywhere in UK.

In seconds, we can provide you with a quote! Check out our services and dive into more detailed information.


The cost of international packing services in London depends on various factors, including the volume of goods, distance, chosen mode of transportation, and additional services such as insurance. For an accurate cost estimate, please contact us for a free consultation and a personalized quote.

Moving internationally from London involves several crucial steps to ensure a smooth and organized relocation. Our comprehensive checklist is designed to guide you through the process:

  1. Research and Planning:

    • Research visa and work permit requirements for your destination country.
    • Create a detailed moving timeline outlining tasks and deadlines.
  2. Documentation:

    • Ensure your passport is valid for the duration of your stay.
    • Gather necessary visa and work permit documents.
    • Obtain or update medical records and vaccinations.
  3. Home Inventory:

    • Take stock of your belongings and decide what to take, sell, donate, or store.
    • Create a detailed inventory list for customs purposes.
  4. Packing:

    • Start packing well in advance, beginning with items you use less frequently.
    • Use high-quality packing materials to protect fragile items.
    • Label boxes clearly with contents and destination room.
  5. Furniture and Appliances:

    • Decide whether to ship, sell, or store large furniture and appliances.
    • Ensure that appliances are compatible with the voltage and plug types in your destination country.
  6. International Shipping Services:

    • Research and choose a reliable international moving company.
    • Get quotes and compare services offered by different companies.
  7. Insurance:

    • Consider purchasing international moving insurance to cover potential damages during transit.
  8. Utilities and Subscriptions:

    • Cancel or transfer utilities (electricity, gas, water, internet).
    • Notify subscription services, such as magazines or streaming platforms, of your move.
  9. Financial Matters:

    • Inform your bank about the move and inquire about international banking options.
    • Set up a budget for the move, considering currency exchange rates.
  10. Healthcare:

    • Research healthcare options in your destination country.
    • Ensure you have access to necessary medications and vaccinations.
  11. Schools and Education:

    • Research and secure school placements for your children.
    • Transfer academic records and necessary documents.
  12. Pets:

    • Check pet import regulations for your destination country.
    • Schedule a vet visit for required vaccinations and health certificates.
  13. Notify Important Contacts:

    • Inform government agencies, employer, and important contacts of your change of address.
    • Set up mail forwarding with the postal service.
  14. Cultural Adjustment:

    • Familiarize yourself with the culture and customs of your destination.
    • Learn basic phrases in the local language.
  15. Emergency Preparedness:

    • Research emergency services in your destination.
    • Keep important documents and contact information easily accessible.

Packing for international moving requires special attention. We recommend using high-quality packing materials, properly labeling boxes, and securing additional insurance for valuable items. Our packing specialists will gladly provide you with detailed instructions and tips to ensure the safety of your belongings during transportation.

We provide comprehensive support for customs clearance in the process of international shipping from London. Our experts take care of the necessary documentation, assist with declaration preparation, and ensure compliance with all customs rules and regulations.

We specialize in the safe transportation of fragile items internationally from London. Our experienced staff uses special packing materials and techniques to guarantee that your valuable and fragile items reach their destination in perfect condition. Contact us to discuss the details of shipping your fragile items.

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Miranda Snyder

Mario Moving provided us with excellent moving services. The staff was professional, courteous, and attentive to our needs. They quickly and carefully packed all our belongings, transported them to our new home, and even assisted with unpacking. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of service and highly recommend Mario Moving to anyone in London or beyond who's looking for a reliable moving company.

Harold Harrison

Partnering with Mario Moving was a lifesaver for our relocation. They provided us with an excellent team of movers who worked like clockwork, packing and transporting our belongings without any damage. Moreover, their prices were quite reasonable, and we didn't have to worry about hidden additional costs. Thank you, Mario Moving, for the outstanding service! We highly recommend them to anyone in London or elsewhere in need of a smooth move.

Debra Reyes

My husband and I just finished our move with the help of Mario Moving, and we couldn't be happier. They made the entire process so smooth and worry-free; it was simply incredible. The company's staff displayed the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. We recommend Mario Moving to all our friends and family in London and will definitely turn to them again for our next move.

Kyle Romero

I recently hired Mario Moving for a commercial move in London, and I couldn't be happier with their services. In short, they are exceptional commercial movers. Mario Moving's team was professional and punctual, arriving on time and well-prepared for the job. They handled our office equipment and furniture with care, ensuring that nothing was damaged during the move. Their attention to detail was impressive, and it gave me great peace of mind throughout the entire process.